AmChamps - Young Leaders in Change is AmCham Serbia’s landmark proffesional development program, launched in early 2014 as a showcase model on how academia and corporate sector should work together with aim to develop people who will be leading the business community in Serbia.


AmChamps Summer School is an intensive educational sub-program that enables participants to brush up a broad variety of skills and competencies that are becoming substantial in the modern job market.

We are looking for participants who are devoted to planning their careers, eager to learn and are willing to challenge themselves to grow.

With its unique choice of lecturers, Summer School provides a critical element to students' education - an opportunity for them to learn from AmChamps Alumni (both managers and former students) who have distinguished themselves as successful in their career paths.

For more information on AmChamps Summer School 2017, please follow this link.


We at AmCham are committed to helping students improve their skills and learn how to develop professional opportunities. That is why we invite top managers from AmCham member companies to engage with students and offer them first-hand experience and thoughts on managing complex organizations, promoting innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, as well as instituting the culture of leadership.

Created to bridge the gap between the growing interest for annual AmChamps - Young Leaders in Change program and its exclusivity - AmChamps @ Belgrade University represents a tool to extend the reach of this educational program and provides professional guidance for a significant number of students from University of Belgrade.


AmChamps Alumni Club represents a vibrant community of young leaders– both mentors and mentees, that have been part of the AmChamps experience since the launching of the program in 2014. It was founded with a mission to promote continued professional development, networking and socially responsible engagement among the former participants of AmChamps - Young Leaders in Change program.

By working closely with the AmCham Executive Team, Alumni Board develops and strengthen programs that enhance relationships alumni have with the program and with each other.