Annual Proffesional Development Program

AmChamps - Young Leaders in Change: Generation 2021

AmChamps is AmCham Serbia’s landmark proffesional development program, launched in early 2014 as a showcase model on how academia and corporate sector should work together with aim to develop people who will be leading the business community in Serbia.


AmChamps 2018 will gather 40 participants20 students & 20 young managers from AmCham member companies. Students are III & IV year of undergraduate studies or enrolled in master studies at the state Universities in Serbia and have up to 25 years. AmCham members are young and mid-managers of up to 37 years.

At a special speed dating event at the beginning of the program, students and young managers are matched up with one another in pairs based on brief speed dating, with the managers acting as mentors to the students. Throughout the program participants work on assignments and projects, either in their pairs or as part of larger teams, developing together their mentoring relationships.


The program is comprised of three parts – learning curve (regular part), case study (semi-finals) and project assignment (finals).

Regular part – learning curve

The regular part consists of a series of lectures, workshops and extracurricular activities, aimed at acquiring new knowledge, improving business skills, stimulating creative thinking and self-confidence. In parallel, by working in pairs, participants are developing mentoring skills and leadership. During this period, students will have an opportunit to get an internship in the mentors` companies, while on the other hand, managers will have the opportunity to attend coaching sessions with a special consultant.

Participants collect points for various activities and the best 10 pairs, who win the highest number of points, move on to the next phase - the semifinals.

Upon completion of the regular part of the program, provided that they were present at a minimum of 70% of the planned activities, participants receive certificates of successful completion of the program.

Semi-finals – case study

The ten pairs who get the highest scores progress into the semifinals, where they are given a Coca-Cola Hellenic case study to work on for one month. Their results will be presented at the semifinals event in May.

Finals – project assignment

The three pairs who perform best in semi-finals move on to the finals, where, mentored by AmCham Board members, they develop special projects provided by the CEOs/GMs of the companies which have delegated managers. Each pair thus works on a real company-specific project. The pair that completes the assignment most successfully is pronounced the AmChamps 2021 winner at the special event celebrating the end of the program.


Schedule of AmChamps 2021 activities is available here.


Within the regular part of the program, participants will collect points for the following activities: attendance, assignments (workshops, lectures) and event organization - total maximum of 100 points per pair.

Attendance | maximum 40 points

Assignments | maximum 50 points

Organization of lectures at faculties| maximum 10 points

Negative points


All finalists get special awards – first place full scholarships for Executive MBA (manager) and Master studies (student) at University of York, Europe Campus, City College, second and third place half fee waiver.

Also, PwC would award one couple with PwC Mini MBA for manager and the two PwC workshops for student, based on the results of project proposal, that would be provided by PwC.


For all additional information regarding the program, you can contact AmChamps TiM: Tina Kostić and Milica Samardžić via e-mail or phoneS 30 88 132, 063 344 160 and 060 04 94 679.

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#AmChamps #AmChamps8