Andrea Radonjić, Public & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic



Bearing in mind that the current Committee has achieved impressive results, as a potential Chair of AmCham Environmental Committee, I will advocate with the Committee further improvement in strategically defined areas, including primarily the following:

  • Improvement of the existing packaging waste management system via further initiation of dialogue with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Serbian Environmental Protection Agency and other partners in the aim of empowering local self-government in this area. Furthermore, I will pay special attention to additional promotion of the achieved results of the Committee and the industry in the area of recycling, as they exceed the defined objectives;
  • Introduction of a system of prolonged accountability of producers for special waste flows, via dialogue with the relevant ministry, in the aim of regulating this area, reducing corruption and increasing transparency, all in the best interest of the industry;
  • Distribution of food surpluses – as Serbia does not have a law regulating this area, the Committee’s initiative may contribute to the regulation of distribution of more than 250 000 tones of food annually;
  • Eco-taxes – continuation of the Committee’s efforts aimed at regulating this area for the purpose of increasing transparency of business operation;
  • Further positioning of the Committee as a body which represents the industry’s interests in the area of environmental protection.


  • Organized meetings between the Committee representatives and the Ministry of Environmental Protection/Serbian Environmental Protection Agency and other relevant bodies on priority issues;
  • Key initiatives submitted to representatives of relevant bodies in the aim of improving the recycling system and other relevant issues;
  • Media presence of the Committee representatives and communication of key messages regarding AmCham’s position in the area of environmental protection (further positioning of the Committee as the key body representing the industry’s interests in the area of environmental protection).