Miloš Stojković, Attorney at Law, Živković Samardžić



In previous period, I was the Chair of AmCham Digital Regulatory Stream. In past two years, the Stream had various activities related to the improvement of the regulatory environment for digital services. In particular, the Stream organized 5 briefing sessions covering the electronic communications, electronic commerce, cyber security, electronic document and data protection. The stream was active in the regulatory initiatives concerning the new Law harmonized wit EU eIDAS, Law on e-government, the new Data Protection Regulation, as well as in the initiatives related to the adoption of secondary legislation (participation in public debates, communication with the competent ministries etc.).

In case that I am elected, the plan is to continue with the activities initiated in Digital Economy Regulatory Stream, in particular focus will be on the:
  1. Implementation of the new Data Protection Law (organization of practical workshops, mapping the possible improvement of the regulatory framework, and briefing sessions with DPA and relevant stake-holders);
  2. Cyber Security (public advocacy activities, follow-up in raising awareness activities etc.);
  3. Electronic communications (in relation to the implementation of new legislation when it is adopted);
  4. E-commerce (activities related to the implementation of the new framework for e-commerce and commerce in general);
  5. Copyright and intellectual property (raising awareness on the new Copyright and AVMS regulation in EU concerning the online, and preparation for the new legislation.