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DATE : 04/10/2018

Royal WineCham

For the sixth time, the WineCham event was held at the Royal Winery. Representatives of AmCham member companies and guests visited Saint George’s Church at Oplenac, King Peter’s House as well as enjoying exceptional Šumadija wines and a feast.

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DATE : 03/10/2018

Presentation of the Amendments to the Law on Property Taxes

In the first time in four years, draft amendments of tax regulations have been open to public discussion with the business sector, and AmCham members had a chance in direct discussion with the Assistant Minister of Finance Dragan Demirović and members of his team to hear explanation of the Amendments to the Law on Property Taxes, make comments and point to problems from practice.

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DATE : 27/09/2018

Round-table on the Amendments on the Law on Enforcement and Security

AmCham members’ representatives had a chance to discuss, during drafting, Amendments on the Law on Enforcement and Security, which is planned to be implemented by the Government, by the end of 2018. Representatives are actively involved in the process of formatting the Amendments on this Law, and the Round-table was a great opportunity to make members familiar with the main intentions of the amendments in an early phase, as well as to influence its content.

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DATE : 24/09/2018

Gi Group Anniversary

Gi Group celebrated 20 years of global existence and 15 years of a successful way of doing business in Serbia. The celebration, called Next20, was organized in Belgrade with many clients, partners and associates who gathered in order to commemorate this important jubilee.

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DATE : 18/09/2018

Campaign “Magnet For Love” Successfully Completed!

At the Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina the first device for magnet resonance has been initiated. With that, the campaign ''Magnet for Love“, initiated by MK Group & TDE Services and financially aided by NIS Serbia, the Provincial Government of Vojvodina and a great number of corporate and private donators, was officially completed.

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