Date: 04/03/2015

Flexible Working Time – the Pros & Cons

Reshaping legislation and implementation for a new working era

Belgrade, March 4 –HR professionals were provided an opportunity to discuss further flexible working time, with a particular focus on the legal framework, pros & cons of flexible working time and examples of how companies are implementing the practice.

Special attention was paid to the fact that the generation of Millennials is entering the work market and that flexible working time models will be mainly created and adjusted to fit their needs.

The newly adopted Labor Law provided a wider legal basis for reshaping the working timetable in companies, yet the participants agreed that the main precondition for broader introduction of flexible working time is trust between line managers and colleagues.

In a discussion period examples of widely used practices were introduced.

The event was hosted by Marijana Pavlović of KPMG & Jelena Danilović of Karanović Nikolić.