Date: 31/03/2015

The Power of Entrepreneurship - Creating and Opening a Business

Željko Tomić, CEO of OSA Computer Engineering, explained the phenomenon of entrepreneurship to the AMCHAMPS Class of 2015, discussing definitions, driving forces, values, and potentials.

The lecture was opened by introducing the economic approach to entrepreneurship, from organizing production, being capable of grasping business opportunities, installing innovation, risk taking, organizing resources and creativeness. He also mentioned the psychological approach, introducing the concepts of need for achievement and independence as well as socio-behavioral aspects, which take into account the influence of the business environment, gender factors, social capital and risk management.

To the question of the importance of studying entrepreneurship, he answered fact that the percentage of micro-companies and SMEs in the overall world economy in Western countries is over 95%, while the total generated jobs and revenues varies from country to country with 65%+.

The Greyner model of growth was introduced, showing where and how the focuses, structure, styles, control, awarding and crises are tackled, while micro, small and medium enterprises go through the creativity, management, delegation, coordination and cooperation phases.

Also discussed were the pros and cons of family businesses in terms of sustainability and longevity, given that family businesses, which always begin as micro or small enterprises, represent 70% of all companies worldwide. However, only 24% of them outlive the second generation of owners and only 14% of them the third generation.

Mr. Tomić’s guests at the lecture, Mr. Vojin Starčević, President of Polimark Group, Mr. Marko Ukropina, General Manager of SGS Belgrade and Mr. Kosta Andrić, Director of ICT HUB, shared their personal stories and experiences of being entrepreneurs.