Date: 21/04/2015

Communication in Use

The importance of corporate communications and the strategic position of reputation in daily operations were the topics for the AMCHAMPS Class of 2015

Sanja Milaković Kolundžija, Principal of the Executive Group, gave a lecture on strategic corporate communications, emphasizing strategy, content, channels and measurement as key elements.

Presenting the difference between corporate communication channels (PR, corporate affairs, internal communications, media relations, crisis communications, CSR, government affairs, stakeholder relations, public affairs and lobbying) and marketing communication channels (advertising, above or below the line campaigns, guerilla promotion projects, events, promotions, digital, mobile apps, social networking etc.), Sanja focused on integration in brand management as an umbrella concept for all channels.

Sanja presented world famous cases from the communications industry and famous do’s and interesting don’ts which show that public relations are not free publicity, and CSR is not PR, philanthropy or ecological conciseness, how big ideas can cause even bigger failures, that social media are channels of communication and not innovations, and why and how content is relevant and is the focus of professional communicators.

At the end of the lecture, Sanja presented some tools used to measure corporate communications.