Date: 08/05/2015

Positive Influencing Skills and Skillful Communication

The AMCHAMPS Class Of 2015 had an opportunity to obtain advanced information on and to practice various communication and influencing techniques.

Belgrade, May 7-8 A workshop on Influencing skills was presented to the AMCHAMPS Class of 2015, featuring various styles and levels of competence at influencing others, ranging from unconscious incompetence and unconscious competence to conscious competence and—finally--unconscious competence.

During several exercises the group was broken up into pairs communicating on a set agenda, listening to and trying to influence each other and at the same time comprehending which party was applying so-called ‘push energy’, (aiming to change another`s position aggressively or assertively) or ‘pull energy’ (being open to changes in one`s position passively or responsibly).

Styles of high and low excises of employing influence were introduced as tools one uses every day in communication, revealing to the participants the advantages and shortcomings of four models: assertiveness and persuasiveness of the push model and coaching and visionary effort on the pull model.

The Workshop was directed by Edin Veljović of PwC Academy.