Date: 22/06/2015

The Care and Feeding of High-Potential Employees: Welcoming Generation Y

AmChamps Class of 2015 had the opportunity to learn about entering the workforce and remaining engaged high-potential employees.

Lynne Montgomery, Vice President of the COTRUGLI Business School, gave a presentation to AmChamps on “The Care and Feeding of High-Potential Employees” and addressed issues Generation Y individuals may face in the workforce.

Montgomery discussed why organizations are ineffective at managing and retaining top talent. Among the topics emphasized were the need to challenge and engage such individual as a means of retention.

The presentation shifted to address talent from Generation Y and how organizations need to prepare for the incoming millennials. Guidelines were provided that would help attendees better integrate into the business world. Also detailed were Generation Y concerns such as the clash and middle ground between preexisting working generations and the new generation.

The presentation concluded with AmChamps having the opportunity to ask questions about the workforce, talent retention, and integration.