Date: 11/09/2015

AmChamps Summer School Program Ends

AmCham First Vice-President Miloš Đurković, General manager of HP, and AmCham Executive Director Maja Piščević presented certificates to the participants in the AmChamps Summer School program

The AmChamps Summer School is officially completed and the names of the three winners who will now participate in the third generation of AmChamps are published.

During the intensive two-week program, 20 graduates and post graduates of the University of Belgrade had the opportunity through interactive lectures and workshops by AmChamps alumni, former students of the program, to learn about the various business areas, such as corporate and digital communications, marketing, entrepreneurship, skills presentation, human resources, negotiation and leadership.

Congratulations to Goran Tomić, Faculty of Architecture, Marija Marković, Faculty of Political Sciences and Miloš Milosavljević, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and welcome to AmChamps 2016!

"I congratulate the young intellectuals who had the opportunity to learn from their somewhat older and very successful colleagues and who got important and applicable knowledge from the generation perspective. This will help them in both employment and to more easily overcome the first business challenges and focus on what companies ask from recent college graduates. It was a pleasure to attend the interaction and exchange of knowledge between these smart young people who, I believe, through this program are closer to attaining their first employment, " said Maja Piščević, AmCham Executive Director.

Participants of the AmChamps Summer School were students of Belgrade University in the final year of primary or post-graduate studies who have a strong desire for additional training and employment opportunities in the private sector. Lectures were conducted by young managers from AmCham member companies who had previously completed the AmChamps program and through personal experience and professional advice communicated key business topics and skills to the participants. One of the sessions during the summer program was dedicated to the exchange of experiences in the fields of career planning, professional development and mentoring.

"Through lectures and workshops, these young people have gained insight into the core areas of business in modern companies and experienced a sort of mini-job training. They have benefited first hand from the knowledge and experience of a wide range of areas such as marketing and sales, communication, leadership, people management and entrepreneurship,“ said Miloš Đurković after his lecture on Leadership with Integrity.