Date: 27/01/2016

AmChamps Class of 2016 Launched!

During 2016, participants in the program -- 23 talented young students and 23 junior managers of Amcham member companies-- will work in pairs to develop practical business skills in a mentor-mentee relationship.

The program was opened by Snežana Klašnja, Assistant Minister of Sport and Youth, Miloš Đurković, AmCham First Vice-President, and Nikolaos Dimiatriadis, Regional Director of Sheffield University.

Snežana Klašnja stressed that young people must be aware and embrace the opportunities the AmChamps program offers. They must leverage their creativity and boost their self-confidence when approaching potential employers.

“This non-formal education program is essential for students preparing for the job market” said Miloš Đurković. “We are very proud that more than a half of young students - attendees of the AmChamps Classes of 2014 and 2015 have been given numerous internships and job offers within AmCham members companies after finishing their programs. This is the ultimate performance evaluation of the program. Through team-building sessions, workshops, case studies and lectures all of you will gain a fantastic, and I, dare to say, a lifetime experience. ”, he told the 2016 participants.

The highlight of the opening ceremony was a hectic round of 4-minutes-per-pair Speed Dating sessions. All the participants had the opportunity to get a glimpse of their potential mentor or mentee. After the exhausting 23 rounds, participants evaluated each other, giving marks from 1 to 23, forming the optimal-to-perfect 23 mentor-mentee pairs which were then matched by software based on these evaluations.