Date: 29/01/2016

AmChamps 2016: A Visit to Delhaize DC, Workshops plus Karaoke Party

The AmChamps Class of 2016 commenced its year-long educational program by visiting the Delhaize Distribution Center in Nova Pazova, taking part in two workshops- -Mentoring and Team Building—and finishing the day with a karoake party.

The state-of-the-art Delhaize Distribution Center in Nova Pazova, developed in late 2014, supplies over 150 Maxi and Tempo retail stores, supermarkets and mega markets nationwide. AmChaps participants had the opportunity to walk-through all of the departments and comprehend the supply chain, relations with suppliers and producers and business models and processes that are run 24/7, distributing over 100 tons of products daily.

After the guided tour, participants received structured ideas, examples and good practice models on much-needed skills for the program: mentoring and team building.

Facilitators of the team-building workshop were Sonja Jovanović and Mia Melegi of EY, featuring the ‘Pearl Islands’ program, testing and fine-tuning capabilities fornegotiation, collective and accurate decision making and, above all, teamwork attitudes of the participants.

The second workshop, led by Marina Delić of Gi Group HR Solutions, was dedicated to the basics of mentorship, providing best practices and models of giving and getting feedback, mentoring styles, and, again, challenges and advantages of competing in pairs.

The end of this exhaustive journey reached its peak at a karaoke party, where the generation of AmChamps 2016 performed rock’n’roll hits in duets. The day ended with a collective on-stage performance of the memorable Queen song ‘We Are the Champions’.