Date: 11/02/2016

Corporate and Business Law Committee Meeting

On Thursday, February 11, members of Corporate and Business Law Committee held a meeting in order to sum up Committee`s achievements and challenges in the year behind and discuss the next steps on the Agenda.

AmCham members had the opportunity to express their concerns regarding the implementation of the existing laws and provide suggestions regarding upcoming regulatory changes in the area of corporate and business law.

In 2015, AmCham Corporate and Business Law Committee actively participated in providing comments to the Draft Law on Investments, Draft Law on Advertising and Draft Law on Enforcement and Security, thus actively participating in improving regulatory framework in line with world`s best practices.

In terms of the next steps, it was agreed to monitor the changes of the Law on Personal Data Protection, possible changes of Law on Bankruptcy, Law on Services, Law on Food Security, Law on Protection of Competition, as well as the Law on Administrative Procedure.