Date: 10/02/2016

On People Management - A Letter to Oneself

Participants of AmChamps Class of 2016 enjoyed the very first lecture of the program on people management delivered by Vladan Živanović, General Manager of NCR

At the outset of the lecture, Živanović gave a theoretical frame - models related to stages of professional development for a managerial path and professional path of employees,clarifying ‘what’ (at each stage, results) and ‘how’ (competence and experience) based on an L pipeline model by Drotter. His advice was not to skip any stage, for its absence will surface as a weakness later on in their career.

Several barriers to success were discussed, such as: lacking conviction and courage, failing to broaden professionally, failing to grow and learn (personally), lacking passion to lead, moving too quickly, lacking a track record of results, to be perceived as untrustworthy or not accountable, overly ambitious, failing to be an “attractor of talent,” lacking a network of contacts and over-reliance on the power of position.

Bearing in mind that the power of empathy and the art of persuasion were recognized as principal competences for a leader, participants were ask to describe a personal example of usage of these competences and reflect on possible development of the situation they were in.

The art of leadership was presented as a series of animations featuring: creating a strong vision, leading by example, helping people to deal with fear (of failure), forgetting the stick-and-carrot approach and setting directions.

Finally, they discussed what really motivates people as co-workers, leaders, and followers and the distinction between intrinsic motivation (personal pride, wanting to be the best, the will to win) vs. extrinsic motivation (financial reward, public acclaim, winning trophies) ways of managing people were defined. Participants were asked to discover their own ‘start button’ when it comes to motivation; either it was doubts and obstacles or others people successes or accolades, and to write a letter to themselves to be opened in 6 months, with the answer to the clear question: What do I want to achieve personally and professionally?