Date: 18/02/2016

Workshop on Influencing and Positive Communication

The AmChamps Class Of 2016 practiced various communication and influencing techniques in a Workshop.

An interactive workshop on Influencing skills was presented to the AmChamps Class of 2016. At the outset the theoretical framework of communication was defined in order to help the participants make clear differentiation between various styles in communication, bearing in mind both conscious and unconscious sources of human interaction.

Participants listen to and tried to influence and guide each other in various ways: literally face-to-face; with voice only with no visual connection; back-to-back - with explanation made only by hands, participants got practically into models of influencing.At the same time they were asked to comprehend and explain which party in the exercise was applying ‘push energy’, (aiming to change another`s position aggressively or assertively) or ‘pull energy’ (being open to changes in one`s position passively or responsibly).

Edin Veljović of PwC Academy, facilitator of the Workshop, explained to the participants that when it comes to communication, assertive style has to be practiced on a daily basis, for one workshop cannot produce a magic pill for assertive and open communication; emotional openness and expectations that are directed loud and clear are just the beginning of every potentially successful conversation.