Date: 09/03/2016

AmChamps 2016 – A Two-way Converstion on Corporate Communications

AmChamps class of 2016 participants enjoyed a two-hour conversation with Andrea Brbaklić from Erste Bank and Gorana Golubović Vuksanović from MK Group and received answers to their questions related to strategy and operational steps to effective corporate, internal, external and on-line communications.

Explaining Erste Bank’s corporate communications, Andrea primarily emphasized that this emerges from the business and communication strategy of the company, noting that corporate communications act as a kind of corporate awareness when it comes to relations with employees, other companies, local communities and state institutions It is also in the center of interaction between the various departments of the bank: public relations, sales, marketing and corporate affairs.

In the case of MK Group, which consists of over 20 subsidiaries in various industries, Gorana showed the phases of the process of unifying corporate communications for companies within the group and explained the use of the channels where internal and external public unification was communicated.

As preparation for this meeting with the Directors of Corporate Communications and HR in Erste Bank and MK Group, AmChampers sent questions for the guest speakers. Several of those caused more discussion:

How does one recognize a moment of change in communications from the formal to the informal in the business world, and what are the achievements of informal communication?

What affects the efficiency of the formal communication from the top down?

According to the latest research, eight seconds is the time frame to catch someone’s attention. Is the mobile revolution to blame for the shorter span of attention?

How to provide visibility for your brand(s), programs and activities to current costumers, prospective consumers and other stakeholders?

What are the biggest challenges that the digital era brought to the field of corporate communications?