Date: 16/03/2016

AmChamps Learn UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

This week's lectures as part of the AmChamps - Young Leaders in Change program brought representatives of the UN Global Compact in Serbia program to inform the participants in the program.

AmChamps - Young Leaders in Change members had the opportunity to listen to and to talk with representatives of the UN Global Compact in Serbia and to learn more about UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the important role that the entire society has in this process.

The first lecturer who presented this topic to the young leaders was Marijana Pavlović (KPMG), President of the Board of the UNGP Serbian Chapter. She presented the concept of the Global Compact and the harmonization of its activities with universal principles related to human rights, labor, protection of the environment and anti-corruption. She also presented the mission of the Global Compact in Serbia, as well as activities that have been conducted in our country as part of this Compact during the previous year.

The program was continued by Tijana Koprivica (Delta Holding), UNGP Serbian Chapter Board Member, who introduced AmChamps leaders to the obligations of companies within the Compact, such as the protection of employees' rights, supporting youth employment, the adoption of CSR principles of business, supporting the development of local communities, environmental protection, development of entrepreneurship and dual education.

Laura B. Sherman, Counselor for the fight against corruption within the OEBS Mission in Serbia introduced the participants to the ten principle of the Global Compact, including the expectation that all companies should participate in every type of anti-corruption activity. She presented the effects which corruption can have on business, as well as elements of the corporate program for anti-corruption actions.

The AmChamps participants also had the chance to talk with Biljana Dakić Đorđević (Trag Foundation) and Siniša Mitrović (Serbian Chamber of Commerce), who are also UNGP Serbian Chapter Board Members.

Promotion of UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development will continue with the activities of AmChamps teams who will organize several lectures on this topic at various faculties of Belgrade University.