Date: 24/03/2016

AmChamps Storytelling Workshop

On March 23 and 24, JT International hosted AmChamps students and managers for the Storytelling workshop

Designed through three parts, Storytelling workshop presented the essence of storytelling to AmChamps attendants, which is to share - not just words and facts, but also the emotions and experiences. Yuliya Rak, training and development manager at JTI, at the very beginning said that the skill of storytelling is very important in today's business world, primarily because of its ability to leave much stronger impression to the audience than simple stating of the facts and statistics.

Through the first part of the workshop attendants found out which elements are necessary for a good story. The main part of the workshop presented a numerous techniques of storytelling: "monomyth" "mountain", "nested loop", "sparklines", ,,in medias res", "converting ideas", "false start " and ,, petal structure". In the final part, students and managers practiced this skill in pairs, telling their stories to the rest of the group while using the listed techniques.