Date: 25/04/2016

Trade Facilitation Committee - Agenda Setting Meeting

On April 25, Trade Facilitation Committee was formally established by adopting the two year Agenda and action plan for 2016.

At the onset of the meeting, members of the Trade Facilitation Committee acknowledged the leadership of the Committee, Ms. Slobodanka Cucić of Apatinska Pivara as Committee Chair and Stevan Vraneš of PMI as Committee Vice Chair.

Based on the list of issues identified by its members, Trade Facilitation Committee adopted the following Agenda:

  • Advocating for streamlined, transparent and uniformly implemented procedures for import and export of goods aimed at improving efficiency while safeguarding legitimate regulatory objectives, with the special focus on:
    • Support to implementation of regulations by Customs Administration;
    • Improving procedures applicable for import/export of foodstuffs;
    • Updating regulatory framework and its implementation in the area of chemicals and cosmetics;
  • Advocating for constant coordination of all border and market authorization authorities, aimed at trade facilitation, NTBs removal and increasing overall efficiency;
  • Monitoring and advocating for the improved implementation of the CEFTA agreement, and monitoring finalization of the WTO accession process and requirements.

Participants agreed to form several Committee subgroups in charge for taking the lead in four identified priority areas, namely:

  • Subgroup in charge for advocating for simplified and more predictable procedures in the process of import/export of goods – lead by Delhaize & Metro Cash And Carry

  • Subgroup in charge for monitoring implementation of sector specific laws and by-laws by Customs Administration – lead by PMI and NELT

  • Subgroup in charge for advocating for bridging the gaps in laws and/or implementing regulations, as well as resolving overlaps or gaps in the competencies of different authorities – lead by Unliever and L’Oreal

  • Subgroup in charge for monitoring and advocating for the full implementation of the CEFTA agreement – lead by Apatinska pivara and Moji brendovi