Date: 11/05/2016

AmChamps Attend Public Speaking Workshop

A set of exciting and exhausting exercises sharpen AmChamps ability for public speaking

Another workshop as part of the AmChamps 2016 program split the young leaders of AmChamps into two groups for a public performance workshop on the 10 and 11 of May at the Belgrade Open School premises. The workshop was led by Evica Kuč, Business Communications Manager at the Belgrade Open School and Tijana Mijalković, one of the top coaches in Open communication (Debate Network of Serbia).

To begin with, it was emphasized that 90% of a successful public performance takes place before the performance itself. This means that thorough preparation and analysis of the audience are the keys to successful public speaking. The workshop continued with the story of public speaking elements and goals and different types of presentations. The peak of the workshop were short practical exercises in which the AmChamps young leaders had the opportunity to concretely improve their presentation skills.

At the workshop AmChamps young leaders received numerous practical tips and feedbacks on their performances during the exercises, thus sharpening even more their ability for public speaking.