Date: 18/05/2016

AmChamps Perspective: Corporate Culture

AmChamps Class of 2016 had the opportunity to discuss on corporate culture with Branislav Savić, Plant Manager of Ball Packaging Europe and Dragoljub Damljanovic, Energy & Field Services Vice President for South East Europe at Schneider Electric.

The main topics of discussion were both day-to-day and long term types of culture within companies. The importance of a friendly and helpful workplace environment was stretched throughout the lecture.

According to the speakers, a positive, cooperative and accountable culture is the key for success in all types of organizations today. First part of the lecture was based on the speakers’ life stories and experiences with corporate culture. Second part was guided by the questions of AmChamps participants. Speakers first talked about their respective companies and how they managed to create employee-friendly workplace, where people are not focused that much on wages as much they are on improving, cooperating and innovating. This is partly the result of a hiring system in which emphasis is given on how a person behaves during the interviews, whether he/she puts the tools back in to place or cleans after they are done with work. Specific work-related skills are not as crucial as good behavior, because skills can be improved over time, but attitude is difficult to change.

Good corporate culture was described as one where managers are simply there to guide the workers in excelling at their positions, with a fair opportunity to innovate themselves, which would allow them to witness the results of their work.

The lecture included a great example of the encouraging and cooperative work culture.

It was stressed that some ways of improving corporate culture include: taking charge of solving issues rather than simply forwarding them to someone else, remaining positive through mistakes but also learning from them, taking care of employees by allowing enough time off work and overall creating an environment where employees feel inspired to give their best every day.