Date: 08/06/2016

AmChamps Class of 2016 Met the AmCham President

AmChampsers had the opportunity to attend a lecture facilitated by the President of AmCham Serbia and CEO of Raiffeisen bank Serbia, Zoran Petrović. Zoran shared stories about his first job, transition to Raiffeisen, the formation of AmCham Serbia, corporate culture, etc.

The part of the lecture that attracted the most attention was the story of how Zoran got his first job out of college. He was bold, fearless and did something others don’t dare to - walk into an expert’s office unannounced with his grades in his pocket and confidently ask for a job recommendation. To stretch the importance of taking chances he awarded the first guest who agreed to volunteer with 20 euros.

Important advice he left attendees with include: constantly striving for better and progress, taking chances and risky decisions (avoid calm waters and comfort), have a clear vision of future self and always promote and demonstrate virtues of ethics, honesty and integrity in business.

Lecture also contained the history and importance of AmCham Serbia and was concluded with guests’ questions related to the Financial crisis and its effects on Serbian banking system, NPLs in Swiss Franks and career development from  personal experiences.