Date: 16/06/2016

Workshop on Emotional Intelligence

The last workshop of the first part of this year's AmChamps programs was held at the AmCham premises

On Wednesday and Thursday, June 15 and 16 AmChamps workshop on emotional intelligence was faciliated by Tamara Tomović from the Centre for professional and personal development Mind.Protect.

At the very beginning, Tamara Tomović introduced herself to AmChampsers referring to her long development path and the steps which led her up to that moment. Thereafter AmChampsers introduced themselves adducing one emotion that characterizes them the best together with their names.

In the first part of the workshop Tamara presented the most important segments that make emotional intelligence, giving real life examples for each of these segments. She pointed out that emotions are always present in the business world, and that knowledge of the emotions, and above all self-understanding is a true power. However, she stressed that the increased emotionality may reduce our objectivity.

Second part of the workshop included practical work of the AmChampsers. They had four cases in which they evaluated the emotional intelligence of the individual personalities from the business environment. While working in groups of 2 teams, to finalize their grades they had to harmonize their opinions. At the end one representative of the each group presented group’s reviews and comments.

Happiness was something that AmChampsers often mentioned in the workshop, so one of the most important conclusions from this event was that happiness and optimism essentially come from our inner selves, not from external circumstances, and that happy people have the ability to enjoy both business world and solitude.