Date: 22/06/2016

AmChamps Visiting Coca Cola Hellenic Factory

AmChamps had the unique opportunity to visit the Coca Cola Hellenic factory and learn more about the company and how it operates in Serbia

AmChamps' visit to Coca-Cola company started in Coca-Cola Learning Center. The lecture was facilitated by Aleksandar Ružević, company’s GM. He presented the information and statistics on company’s success in Serbia and the region. The most emphasis was given on company’s sustainability program (recycling, low emission, low waste), contribution to Serbia’s economy, engagement in the community, investment in sport events and active lifestyle promotion. After the speech, AmChamps asked Aleksandar some interesting questions about his work and the company in general.

After the lecture, AmChamps walked to the production line where they were showed each step of the production: from tanks with Coca Cola concentrate, water, CO2 gas pumps, to packaging, labeling, storages and transportation.