Date: 27/01/2017

About Motivation, Mentoring and Social Intelligence

The AmChamps generation of 2017, started its educational adventure with a lecture on motivation and workshops on mentoring and social intelligence.

The all-day work session, organized as a team building exercise, was opened Aleksandar Hagimana from the Manpower Group with a lecture on motivation, introducing the participants to the theoretical framework and types of motivation as well as internal and external motivational drivers. The participants, as millennials, discussed their professional and private priorities, the incentives that drive them and the most common mistakes that managers make when attempting to motivate employees. There was also discussion about indicators of high motivation and loyalty.

The lecture on motivation was followed by a workshop on mentoring facilitated by Jelena Manić Radoičić from BOS (the Belgrade Open School). She talked about stages and goals of mentoring in general, with a special emphasis on how to establish a mentor – mentee relationship (pro-activity, commitment, openness), and the questions on mentoring they will encounter throughout the program. Participants divided into pairs, received instructions and practiced mentoring sessions in various formats (one on one, Shadowing, Greek Academy, chats, etc.). All the teams were given a task, which will be evaluated at the end of the program. The task involves making a shared video about the mentoring process, their experiences during this program – development path, challenges and achievements, common growth.

At the end of day, Milana Malešev from the PWC Academy, conducted a workshop on social intelligence. There, participants learnt more about human behavior – self-esteem and respect as universal goals - toward which every man aspires. A chart showing the connection between desire/motive and satisfaction/goal was discussed through everyday situations. Participants were presented with four basic motivational styles when meeting new people: selfless-caring, focused-assertive, analytical-autonomous and flexible-friendly, as well as their variations: assertive-caring, sensible-competitive, cautious- support. At the end of the workshop participants had assessed their motivational style of relating and assessed others’ styles from their perspective.

As the day came to the end, AmChamps 2017 enjoyed a karaoke parity at which the teams were required to prepare a pop-rock song and sing it in front of the group.