Date: 08/02/2017

AmChamps: Neuromarketing, Storytelling and Personal branding

The AmChamps program continued with a lecture on Neuromarketing and workshops on Storytelling and Personal branding.

The second all-day meeting opend with a lecture given by Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, who was hailed as a legend by previous generations of AmChamps participants because of his exciting lecturing style. As before, participants gave his lecture the highest grades. Through discussion Dr Dimitriadis introduced participants to Neuromarketing and its basic concepts comparing its implementation and results to traditional forms of marketing. Pointing out facts that show the impossibility of measuring the successs of marketing traditional methods, he presented a study that indicated that if 74% of existing brands disappeared tomorrow, consumers wouldn’t care. In addition to that, Dr. Dimitriadis presented case studies in which neuro-scientists and leading world companies applied the latest knowledge from this field in their own businesses. They presented tehniques that have been used in latest viral commercial made for the automotive industry, that attracted young generations around the world overnight. Finally, participants had an opportunity to see live how the study of our emotions works by rying a device called EEG that measures electricity produced in different parts of the brain when someone performs a task. This is used to measure emotional reaction (positive/negative, strong/weak), whether one likes something or not, even though one is not aware of it.

After a break, participants were divided into two groups, one had a workshop on Storytelling, and the other on Personal branding.

The storytelling workshop was led by Yuliya Rak from JTI, and participants had the opportunity to hear about storytelling and later apply that knowledge to practice. She explained how this tehique helps in business, in which way you can achive better communication and relationship with employees through storytelling, whether it’s about giving criticism or encouragment. Some of the methods of storytelling are monomyth, the mountain, sparklines, false start, etc. Participants had the task to implement some of these methods, and tell a story, and a result was several motivational speeches, stories about heroes from childhood or simple situations from their work.

The second group had a workshop on personal branding, facilitated by Tatjana Šokčić from the HR Center. She presented the group with what to expect from young people in the business environment, what is a personal brand, how to build it and why do we need one. Through discussion participants concluded that a personal brand is a way to position and promote ourselves in the market, and that it’s important to show what makes us distinctive from others. In the end, teams were asked to present themselves as a brand, what are their strengths and also answer the question of why they should win the AmChamps competition.