Date: 08/03/2017

AmChamps Lecture: People and Technology; Workshops on Storytelling and Personal Branding

2017’s AmChamps program continued with the third lecture on People and Technology, followed by workshops on Storytelling and Personal Branding

Lecturer Nataša Sekulić, Country Sales Leader at IBM, presented to the participants her personal and professional experience, empathizing that success in the business world comes through authenticity. Nataša especially underlined the insights of positive psychology in the book Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman. Citing three postulates - ethics, engagement and excellence, and their application in business and life, she illustrated how IBM, one of the largest companies in the world, transformed itself, reversing its course of business (business model), and from a closed company focused on shareholders, became clientcentric. In addition, Nataša reminded participants that people are responsible for proper use of technology, and that it’s necessary to raise awareness regarding the use of cognitive technology.

After an introduction, Branko Tadić, an Enterprise Solution Consultant at IBM, introduced several business models that are becoming dominant in today’s information society. Through examples and discussion with AmChamps members, Branko explained that using the model “pay for outcome” (pay for consumption), the client and the vendor create a partnership and thus share the risk in any business transaction. According to research, in today's economy where the customer comes first, companies that do not employ this model will not be competitive in the market. Finally, there was a discussion about business models like cloud, big data concepts and social context. Most of the questions were related to the role of dualism and the way technology influences how people behave online on social networks, compared to their behavior offline.

After a break, participants participated in workshops on Storytelling and Personal branding.