Date: 21/03/2017

An Evening of Motivation and Socializing With Živorad Vasić at Crown Plaza Hotel

AmChamps generation of 2017 had the opportunity to socialize with and learn from Živorad Vasić, General Manager of Crowne Plaza Hotel and Vice President of Delta Holding.

Vasić opened the evening with an exciting recounting of his professional beginnings, travelling to America and how his stay there completely altered his view of running a business in the hotel industry. He pointed out that his success resulted from lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, reminding the students and managers that they always have to work at improving their abilities.

To demonstrate how a complex hotel system works, Vasić led the AmChamps members on a tour of his hotel – from the VIP rooms where banquets are held to the kitchen and bars. During the tour hotel employees explained their responsibilities firsthand, including the lines of reporting structure, the procurment function, organization, sales and marketing.

Finally, Vasić revealed some basic rules of hotel managment, emphasizing all the steps that were necessary by him and his team to make the Crowne Plaza one of the best hotels in the region.

After the tour around hotel, the Amchamps guests enjoyed in the VIP Lounge a special cocktail served in their honor.