Date: 24/03/2017

AmCham Health Care Committee Meeting with National Health Insurance Fund

On March 24, AmCham Health Care Committee met with representatives of National Health Insurance Fund in order to discuss the most important topics on the Committee’s Agenda, as well as potential cooperation in 2017.

The meeting was held to discuss the potential cooperation between AmCham Health Care Committee and NHIF on some of the priority issues of the Committee’s Agenda, as well as on the joint activities that NHIF and AmCham Health Care Committee can plan together in 2017.

Representatives of NHIF included Acting Director Ms. Verica Lazić, Director for Public Procurement Ms. Marija Mitić, Director of Health Insurance and Legal Affairs Mr. Petar Stajković, Head of Pharmacoeconomics and Consumption of Drugs Monitoring Mr. Jovan Milovanović, Advisor for Public Information, Cooperation with Insurers and Associations Mr. Nemanja Velikić, Deputy Director of the Department for Health Care Mr. Marko Mitrović, as well as Director’ Chief of Cabinet Ms. Jelena Čuturić.

Some of the topics discussed at the meeting included timeframes prescribed in the existing as well as the draft laws/by-laws for issuing the official Decisions by NHIF for reimbursement applications, predictability of introducing new medicines on the reimbursement list, costs and benefits of centralized tendering procedure for medicines on B and C list, possibilities for introducing new models of contracting such as direct negotiating procedure in case there is only one contractor, and finally, plans for allowing out-of-pocket participation for patients.

AmCham and NHIF representatives agreed it would be beneficial to allow semi-annual submitting of applications for putting the medicines on the reimbursement list and that enforcement of the existing timeframes set in current laws and by-laws should be a priority, over amending such deadlines.

Representatives of AmCham used this opportunity to elaborate their plans regarding three roundtables on specific topics related to public procurement in the health care sector and invite representatives NHIF to take active part in each of them. Roundtables are envisioned as closed discussions between foreign and local experts in this field, representatives of industry and Government, on the possibilities of improving the regulation and its implementation, based on best international practices. Roundtable will cover topics such as innovative forms of contracting, centralized INN tendering procedures, and quality criteria in public procurement. Representatives of NHIF expressed interest to participate in the upcoming roundtables. The conclusions of the roundtables will be presented on the final conference which will be open to the media.