Date: 05/04/2017

AmChamps Lectures: Stakeholder Management and Team Synergy

AmChamps 2017 opened the day with a lecture on Stakeholder Management led by Stefan Lazarević from NCR. This was followed by a lecture on Team Synergy facilitated by Zeljko Vujinović from Microsoft.

Before he presented theoretical models of stakeholder management, Lazarevic briefly outlined his professional career – how he switched from working in the civil service to a large corporation like NCR. The main components of theoretical models, he said, are political, economic and cultural environment. Lazarević also pointed out that the target public includes shareholders, the media, NGOs, partners, Governments and, most important, users of services and products without which the company cannot be successful. In the end, Lazarević put the main focus on preparation for meetings and gathering the necessary information about the company with which you communicate. "What is important to us, our business strategy, to which extent we have to assume that it is also important to any of our partners and their strategies,” Lazarević said. “Only with this knowledge can we achieve our goals, looking for areas where our strategies intersect."
How good teamwork is the essence of work itself was the main topic of the second lecture. Synergy is only achievable if a group of people have a common purpose and share the same vision. Vujinović pointed out that hierarchy in a team is necessary in order to know who does what function, and that a good leader must provide an example to his colleagues. Vujinović said he believes that motivation in terms of money is only short term. In addition he recommended that to be successful one needs to take risks and make the right decisions at the right time. At this point, talk turned to discussion. Participants were most interested in Vujinović’s move from IBM to Microsoft, what has changed on his arrival, and what mistakes he has made during his professional life.