Date: 10/05/2017

AmChamps visit Nelt

AmChamps participants spent a whole day at Nelt, where they were given a unique opportunity to learn about the company’s business and operations firsthand.

Communication Executive Nada Stamatović opened the day by presenting the company, its beginnings and its development and how it has changed over the last 25 years by following innovation and setting market trends in logistics. Successful operation in the domestic, regional and international markets is only possible by using the latest technology and by investing constantly in employees. After the introductory lecture, Marketing Manager Maja Knezević gave a lecture on ‘Differentiation as a Brand Strategy’, citing several examples of campaigns for Nelt brands.

This lecture was followed by a tour of the warehouse, where AmChamps got acquainted with the process of goods storage, from the moment when the product arrives at Nelt, through packaging, scheduling, logistics and on-site distribution.

The third lecture, on sales, was given by National Modern Trade Manger Nikola Elezović and Corporate Division Manager Goran Dulić, who explained that when thinking about trading/selling, we must set smart and achievable goals. They also pointed out that planning and collecting data about products, customers and facilities is essential. Elezović presented the PSF model on which the entire Nelt sales strategy rests. This model helps in organizing information, increasing sales and saving time, but can also be used in people’s private lives.

Finally, AmChamps held a short workshop, in which participants’ knowledge was applied to sell a product from Nelt’s large portfolio.