Date: 22/06/2017

AmChamps 2017 Final Countdown

The final day of the regular part of the 2017 program of AmChamps – Young leaders in change, was held under the title AmChamps Final Countdown, in which participants learned about entrepreneurship in Serbia and United States from prominent lecturers.

The first lecture "Through Challenges to Success," given by Miodrag Kostic, president of MK Group, who referred to the beginnings of his career, the challenges that he encountered on the road to success, and how you can develop and nurture entrepreneurial spirit among young people. He pointed out that digitalization is a necessity of modern times, and that it is necessary to invest in information technology in order to improve the business environment and monitor pace with other new trends. Kostic said that the food industry and tourism are two areas that will be massively developed in the future and that their efforts should be pointed in those directions. On the way to being successful managers, young managers will need to be resourceful and creative in any industry, because that will lead them to good results. Kostic said that young people should not fear failure, since it is an integral risk of every business enterprise and that they should never give up on set goals, but with innovative ideas and hard work can overcome obstacles. At the end of this lecture, the AmChamps asked many questions regarding the future plans and projects of MK Group, as well as about issues related to Kostic's personal journey and any mistakes he made during his career.

“The U.S. Way of Doing Business“ was the name of second lecture given by the founder and CEO of Clean Earth Capital, Philip Bay. He briefly profiled his beginnings in America, how his childhood and social situation to a large extent influenced him to develope the entrepreneurial spirit while growing up and clearly determined the guidelines to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Like Kostic, Bay spoke about failure and said that fear of failure is the biggest block for most people who want to start their own business. He pointed out that to achieve success it is necessary to accept failures faced during a career, but that perseverance and dedication with some luck can bring a successful result. Finally, the AmChamps particiants were given the recommendation that the best business strategies in entrepreneurship are risk-taking and networking.

The final lecture of the day was given by Boris Popovski, a Specialist from the Commercial Department of the US Embassy in Serbia, who presented the way in which franchising works and benefits that can be achieved through that type of business. He pointed to McDonalds as a successful franchiser and described the history and origins of this successful international company, as well as how its experience can help to develop a better understanding of the franchising process.