Date: 12/07/2017

Cooperation between UNICEF and Vojvođanska Banka

Vojvođanska banka has become a member of Friends of UNICEF Club, thus started the cooperation between the two institutions aiming to create better growth and development conditions for children in Serbia.

Beginning of the partnership was symbolically marked with the visit of UNICEF Serbia director, Michel Saint and Marinos Vathis, President of the Executive Board at Vojvođanska banka to the Novi Sad Health Center and SOS Children’s village in Sremska Kamenica.

Vathis stated that these two institutions have been nurturing the tradition and devotion in applying the principles of stability in everyday business for many years. The bank is also hired on various projects in socially responsible business, whereby actively contributes in improving conditions in society. “Children are family members of our employees, they are members in the community in which we do business. They are our future personnel and business leaders. Upcoming generations will shape the future of our business, but also our private lives. Banking sector has a great indirect and immediate influence on them. Therefore, it is our responsibility to help create conditions in which every child will be able to develop its full potential and built a better tomorrow for each of us”, Vathis concluded.

Michel Saint-Lot Director of UNICEF Serbia said that “business sector, public sector and citizens that together recognize the importance of investment in the most valuable capitol that every country owns, which are children, are the key for these changes to happen. I thank Vojvođanska Banka for joining the UNICEF’s Friend Club and for supporting our work in Serbia with their monthly donations.”

Within this collaboration, the bank enabled their clients to become regular donors of UNICEF. Citizens that have an account in Vojvođanska Banka can sign a permanent account and to be able to, without any provision, monthly redirect desired funds for the support of UNICEF program in Serbia. It was stated in the joint statement that activation of this service is free and possible at the bank front desk or at any shopping center with UNICEF points.

UNICEF’s Friends Club is gathering companies and individuals that are contributing, with regular monthly donations, UNICEF’s mission to secure the best beginning in life for every child in Serbia. Funds that are gathered in this way are redirected to current programs UNICEF is implementing in Serbia, related to early development, health, education and social protection.