Date: 29/08/2017

Orange Day: “GSK for children”

Orange Day, GSK’s traditional employee volunteering initiative, took place in four institutions for children or mothers that need social protection in Belgrade, Serbia: Home for children who live and work on the street Zvezdara, Mothers’ Home, Homes for Children without parental care “Drinka Pavlović” and “Jovan Jovanović - Zmaj”.

With the help of professional staff of these institutions, GSK employees dedicated one working day to the beautification of space where children spend most of their day and educational activities. Volunteers painted walls, arranged sports grounds, did gardening, and arranged creative workshops where children had the opportunity to have fun, learn and socialize. For pregnant women and young mothers educational workshops were organized to build their capabilities and skills for finding job. Beside volunteering, GSK donated necessary furniture and household appliances, while employees provided individual donations in clothes, toys and school equipment.

- This year we have dedicated our support to the most vulnerable members of our society in order to support them, but also to raise public awareness on life challenges they are faced with and therefore to motivate wider community - other companies and individuals to focus their efforts on children most in need – said Sanja Panjesković, from GSK Corporate Communications. She added that Orange Day is important also for GSK’s employees as it is the opportunity for them to leave their offices and every day job and to contribute personally to resolving issues in community where they live and work.

- Orange Day can be a road sign to many people with good will and to socially responsible companies showing them how the support to the most vulnerable ones can be organize. This type of activity is also sending important message to these children – that they are very important part of the society. Beside donation, that is always significant kind of support, spending a day with kids within home “Drinka Pavlović” and socializing in sport and creative activities, you show them how important this kind of help can be and in the same time they learn how tomorrow they can support others in need. Thank you for beautiful day – said Bojan Vuković, social worker in Home “Drinka Pavlović”.

Orange Day is GSK’s traditional employee volunteering program, driven in Serbia 8 years in row. The uniqueness of Orange Day lays in the fact that not the management but the employees choose which institution they want to support, depending on their perspective of where the urgent Help is needed in their living and working environment.

Orange Day in Serbia:
  • Until today, 18 institutions has been supported
  • Beside support to the community, it is also opportunity for employee development – 65% of employees who organized Orange Day in GSK Serbia advanced in their career within the company
  • The program received three Awards for the Best Volunteering Program in Serbia – in 2013, 2014 and 2016