Date: 06/09/2017

Divac Foundation Continues “Celebrating Solidarity” Campaign

The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation continues to promote with its "Celebrating solidarity" campaign the importance of solidarity and involving and socializing members of marginalized groups.

In celebration of the International Day of Charity, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation launched a mini-campaign "We Spread Solidarity" in the social media. The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of solidarity throughout Serbia. The Foundation wants to encourage solidarity by providing our fellow citizens with a variety of free programs and activities tailored for all generations and varying interests.

In our society, there are people who are aware of the importance of adopting and applying the value of solidarity in everyday life. One of them is Duško Milošević, who often takes time to dedicate himself to voluntary work at the Children's Home. "All others who do not help are different, we, who are trying to help, are the same," said Duško.

Follow this link to see more.

In addition to this activity, the Divac Foundation, in cooperation with USAID, recorded a series of video messages about the life of migrants in refugee camps in Serbia and their experiences, obstacles and temptations during their trip.

One such testimony can be seen here.