Date: 30/09/2017

BUSINESS SLAM DUNK: Men’s Basketball Tournament

In cooperation with the Serbian Association of Managers and the Slovenian Business Club, AmCham took part in a Business Slam Dunk Men's Basketball Tournament.

In the Kovilovo sport centre, the art and power of the game under the hoop was exhibited by employees in companies of three business associations: AmCham, the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) and the Slovenian Business Club (SBC).

The tournament aroused a great sporting atmosphere and special team spirit in all participants. The SBC team, winners of the tournament, won all its games, the second-placed team of the Serbian Association of Managers registered one win and one defeat, in third place was AmCham.

SAM vs. SPK 27:29
SAM vs. AmCham 16:12
AmCham vs. SPK 16:22

After the games, a barbecue was organized for players and supporters as a great opportunity to celebrate a trophy award and exchange of business experiences and knowledge.

The AmCham Eagles team members were:
Marko Gajović and Gvozden Đunisijević from Bel Medic, Aleksandar Stanković and Stefan Rašula from NCR, Čedomir Jokanović and Uroš Galović from Novaston, Bojan Petrović and Zoran Antonić from S & T, Darko Kolundžija and Uroš Simić from MSD, Miloš Milosavljević from the company IBM and Igor Dakić from TMF Services.