Date: 11/10/2017

TeleGroup is a Finalist for Prestigious Agrow Award

TeleGroup and Green Soft, thanks to their software solution AgroLIFE, were selected as finalists for the prestigious Agrow Award which will be held in London on October 30th.

TeleGroup, one of the leaders in the technology sector in optimization of agricultural production and smart green management of agricultural land, with its subsidiary company Green Soft, has entered the finals for the prestigious Agrow award. The best innovational solutions in the field of modern management of agricultural production processes are recognized by Agrow.

Software solution Agrow enables the planning and automation of agricultural production to increase yields and total revenues and reduce operating costs, thus increasing the competitiveness of domestic agriculture and the wider community by easing the application of laws and obligations. In cooperation with Telekom Srbija, AgroLIFE software is available to local users through the Cloud service.

By entering the closest circle for the Agrow Awards 2017, the exceptional capability of Serbian experts to offer a software solution which can be globally applicable has been promoted. The award ceremony will be attended by representatives of TeleGroup Diana Gligorijević, Marketing director, Darko Šolar, Technical director and Zvezdan Žarić, Director of Green Soft.