Date: 13/10/2017

AmChamps Alumni Meet with Co-Founder of Nordeus

In cooperation with Startit, the AmChamps Alumni continue organizing their activities, in this instance a meeting with Branko Milutinović, co-founder of Nordeus, a serbian IT company.

At the beginning of the meetup, Milutinović gave a brief overview of the beginning of his career and the main motivators to start his career in Denmark. His initial steps at Microsoft, one of the world's largest IT companies, helped him to adopt concepts of work and ideas that are more representative in the West, and later he applied these to the founding of Nordeus and in the formulation of business ideas. For Milutinović, the founding of Nordeus represented a mix of three essential elements - a return to Serbia, a desire to try something new and games making. This motivation resulted in the creation of a successful Serbian IT company. On the one hand, Nordeus managed to expand its operations to foreign markets by opening offices in European countries and America, and on the other hand, placing its products on the world market. Milutinović also pointed out that in comparison to traditional professions, digital businesses have a great advantage, allowing them to expand to foreign markets and not be restricted exclusively to the domestic market.

The central topic of the meeting was motivation, Milutinović, referring to his experience, pointed out that a key to success is defeat. Only thanks to defeat can we learn to win and make prudent life and professional decisions. Therefore, every young man at the beginning of his career should be given the opportunity and space to make mistakes. These will help them to learn and draw the best lessons from failure. In addition, one of the most important factors of success, which at the same time characterizes Serbian society, is loyalty to the team and team work.

The meetup ended with a brief presentation of the Digital Serbia initiative, of which Nordeus is one of the founders, its goals and plans for the future in the field of digitization and digital transformation.

Nordeus is engaged in the creation and development of video games for social networks and mobile phones. Thanks to its Top Eleven Football Manager game, the company has become world renowned and one of the fastest growing video game companies.