Date: 26/09/2017

AmCham participates in changing the Competition Law

AmCham was invited by the Commission for Protection of Competition to delegate its representative in the working group in charge of drafting the new Competition Law.

After careful consideration, Srđana Petronijević of Moravčević, Vojnović i partneri has been appointed as the AmCham representative in the working group for drafting amendments or the new Competition Law. It is planned that work on the Draft Law will last by mid next year, and priorities are approximation with the new Law on Administrative Procedure and EU standards.

Specific topic that were touched upon at the first meeting were complaints, individual exceptions, thresholds for registering concentration, extra-territorial enforcement, dawn raids, extending conflict of interest provisions, pre-investigation procedure, competencies in investigation procedure, etc.

Until the next working group meeting, AmCham members were asked to share the most important suggestions for amendments of the current Competition Law, which will be presented by Ms. Petronijević.