Date: 25/10/2017

Curbing Grey Economy on the Internet

AmCham Combating Grey Economy Committee initiated a special meeting with representatives of relevant authorities on the topic of combating illicit trade on the internet and IPR, organized in cooperation with Public Prosecutor`s Office.

With online marketplaces increasingly replacing the traditional ones, the internet is fueling unprecedented levels of illegal trade in FMCG, clothes, tobacco products, alcohol, medicines, technical goods etc. That is precisely the reason why AmCham Combating Grey Economy Committee has declared online illicit trade as a priority issue on this year`s agenda.

After numerous bilateral meetings with relevant authorities on this topic, AmCham has initiated one joint consultation meeting with all the stakeholders in cooperation with Public Prosecutors Office, where it was decided to form an official working group for fighting illicit trade and IPR on the internet, composed of representatives of public authorities and the private sector. This platform will be the place to jointly identify regulatory/implementation bottlenecks in inspection oversight and prosecution of these cases and propose measures for overcoming them. Present state representatives showed great willingness to cooperate closer on online illicit trade cases, mutually exchange information and know-how within the platform.

It was agreed that the working group will first focus on illicit trade with tobacco and medicine products, while gradually expending its reach on other goods and services. From the state side, members of the working group will include representatives of Ministry of Trade, Trade Inspection, Postal Inspection, Customs Administration, Tax Administration, High-Tech Crime Unit within the Ministry of Interior, ALIMS and Health Inspection within Ministry of Health, Public Prosecutor`s Office etc. On the business side, AmCham Combating Grey Economy Committee will delegate its representatives to the working group, along with representatives of other business associations and industries affected by illegal trade via internet.