Date: 10/11/2017

Presentation of the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Government

On November 10, AmCham organized a briefing session with the director of the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Government, Mihailo Jovanović, who presented the organization, upcoming activities and work plans of the newly-formed Office.

Director Jovanovic pointed out that digitization of state administration is one of the main goals of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. He said that the means to achieve this goal is modern, integral, efficient and accessible to all. In that sense, the Serbian Government has decided to form its service, as the central and highest IT authority in the country - the Office for IT and eGovernment. In the coming period, the Office will focus on the improvement of state information systems and registries, as well as the establishment of a national data center. One of the most important issues within its competence is information security. In that sense, the adoption of the Law on Electronic Administration is planned by the end of the year, which should lay the foundations for further activities in this field.

Some of the projects presented by Jovanovic, which should be realized by the end of the year, are: full implementation of Law on electronic general administrative procedure (eZUP) and eInspector, redesign of eGovernment portal and continuation of work on introduction of IT education in primary and secondary schools.

In addition to the presentation, the participants had the opportunity to directly ask questions to the Director of the Office on various topics in this field, after which Jovanovic invited companies to help improve the work of the Office with their proposals.