Date: 27/11/2017

Philip Morris Launches New Circle of Program “Pokreni se za posao”

Philip Morris,in cooperation with ENECA, has launched a new circle of its national program “Pokreni se za posao”.

The ninth circle of the program will be open from December 7until March 15, 2018. This year, the program will focus on supporting innovative entrepreneurial ideas that are not eligible for commercial bank loans.
The original "Pokreni se za posao" program was launched in 2009 with the aim of encouraging employment through development and improvement of small enterprises. Today it is one of the first and most important programs that promote entrepreneurship in Serbia. The Program provides donations in the form of equipment, licenses or certification, standardization and optimization required to start or upgrade a business worth up to $10,000, business and professional training, as well as ongoing advisory and mentoring assistance.

Jelena Preradović Stevanović, from Philip Morris International, emphasized that the "Pokreni se za posao" program has been operating successfully for eight years and that thanks to this program, more than 700 small businesses have been launched. "This year we will support small businesses that want to develop and promote innovations and modern business models in their environment. More than 2,000 people are employed in companies that have so far received the support of the "Pokreni se za posao" program and this is a fact of which we are very proud,” Preradović Stevanović said.

The "Pokreni se za posao" program in 2015 was named a national winner in the category of investment in entrepreneurial skills by the European Union and the Ministry of the Economy.