Date: 06/11/2017

Vojvođanska Bank Presents First Sustainability Report

Vojvođanska Bank presented today a report by which its overall contribution to sustainable business in 2016 was measured in a transparent and comparing way. By this means the bank was ranked among 11 companies in Serbia with this practice.

Vojvođanka Bank is the first financial institution in our country to established a Corporate Social Responsibility Department, and it is one of a few in Serbia to incorporated this important area in a long-term business strategy. By adopting and accepting this kind of commitment, according to Marinos Vathis, President of the Bank’s Executive Board, Vojvođanska Bank expressed the desire, besides striving for economic progress, not to neglect improving the living conditions of the communities in which it operates.

"As a responsible financial institution, we have chosen to be among the corporate social responsibility leaders, aware of the fact that we can and must contribute to the achievement of Global Goals as defined by the United Nations. Our efforts, as well as the achieved results, have been presented comprehensively and realistically. The Report helps in a very transparent way, to perceive what has been done, but at the same time it indicates which directions we should set our challenges In upcoming years", Mr. Vathis said.

"The GRI reporting methodology, used for creating the report, has shown that our 1,500 employees are the biggest strength of our company. They participated in a large number of volunteering activities, and the Bank, through the project ‘Budi svoj,’ continued to support youngsters without parental care in their search for their first employment. From this year, we support UNICEF's programs in Serbia for a happier life for every child,"said Zorica Džida, Corporate Social Responsibility Department Head of Vojvođanska Bank.

Content of the Sustainability Report can be find here.