Date: 20/12/2017

Scholarship Presentation Ceremony of Hemofarm Foundation

Hemofarm Foundation awarded scholarship agreements to the best students of the state faculties.

Over the course of the following academic year 2017/2018, apart from the financial aid, the supported students will be able to attend also „Mentorship Programme “of Hemofarm Foundation and gain practical knowledge and skills that will help them in further professional career.

Apart from the ceremonious awarding of new scholarship agreements, the present and future scholarship holders of Hemofarm Foundation had the opportunity also to hear the final lecture within the „Mentorship Programme“. The lecture about possibilities of personal and professional development was held by Mrs. Natalie Ebert, medical doctor with the master’s degree in the field of public health and with great experience in working at prestigious German institutes and hospitals.

„Hemofarm Foundation is proud for having supported 3300 students from the overall Serbia over the course of previous decades. That is a whole small town of young and smart people that we helped through the scholarship programme and in this way we provided support to the best of the best students to contribute to the prosperity of this society with the acquired knowledge, effort and devotion. We have also changed as our students changed. Last year we introduced „Mentorship Programme“ for the first time, so students had a chance, working with their mentors, experts in the company Hemofarm, to gain practical knowledge and skills and to be more prepared for the future job“, said Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm and one of the mentors within this programme of Hemofarm Foundation.

„I accepted the invitation to be a mentor with pleasure and to help young people with my expertise to gain additional knowledge and confidence for the future. Apart from the money they provide, the scholarships of Hemofarm Foundation are the great chance to hear experiences of others and build one’s own path based on them. This kind of mentorship programme would have meant a lot to me had there been any at the time when I was at the university“, said the lecturer Natali Ebert, medical doctor and master of public health.

In the following year, new scholarship holders and attendees of „Mentorship Programme“ of Hemofarm Foundation, supported by their mentors, will attend trainings and professional lectures and study visits to the plants of Hemofarm company in Vršac.