Date: 26/12/2017

Personal Assistant Network – Tips for Having a Successful Day

The final event of 2017 was dedicated to those who are among the most crucial to the daily conduct of business and the successful operation of a company -- personal assistants to the director and business secretaries--in an event organized in the framework of the AmCham network assistants.

The day for assistants and secretaries of offices brought together more than 30 assistants from AmCham member companies who discussed and shared their experiences and the challenges they face every day at work, the importance and possibilities of achieving a balance between private and public sector, and the necessity of continuous education and professional development. Compared to the previous meetings, this year's panel was organized in order to discuss these topics from the angles of different systems. The panelists were representatives of the private and public sectors - Aleksandra Jovičić, Office Assistant and PA to the Management Board of TeleGroup and Milica Kaličanin, Associate to the HR advisor at Prime Minister`s Office. The moderator of the panel was Milica Gavrilov, Office Manager @ AmCham.

The first part of the panel discussion was dedicated to the daily challenges and routine tasks performed by assistants and the importance of good organizational skills in order to successfully complete all tasks assigned to them. Aleksandra Jovičić noted that it is necessary to set priorities, even if they are mutually in conflict. Only thus will one be able to manage time and successfully complete all planned tasks, without stress. Since over 90% of telephone and electronic communication goes through assistants and office secretaries, there are great chances to those in this business to meet with "difficult" people. When this happens, the main thing is to not take things personally, but to deal with the situation in a calm and professional way. In addition, the balance between personal and professional is essential in order to successfully cope with everyday stress and tight deadlines. Participants agreed that it is necessary to focus on other activities after work in their free time, such as sports or developing their own business.

A special guest of the panel was Ivona Simić, HR advisor in the Cabinet of Prime Minister -  Ana Brnabić, who spoke of the necessity for continuous education and further professional development, since there is a lot less training for personal assistants and administrators than for other sectors of business.