Date: 02/02/2018

AmChamps 2018 Class: Neuromarketing, ''4 Must Haves for Leaders'' and Surprise Mingling

Participants of the 2018 AmChamps program began their one year adventure with a lecture on Neuromarketing, a ''4 must haves workshop for leaders“ and company surprises.

The whole-day event was opened by Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Professor of Sheffield University, with a lecture on Neuromarketing. Dr. Nikolaos first presented this very dynamic and important topic in today’s business world through a theoretical framework. He explained that the biggest problem for all companies is their inability to know exactly why consumers buy certain products, what is their driving force. Scientists have pointed to the fact that emotions affect the buying decision, so they connected their research of the nervous system with marketing strategies. Neuromarketing answers the subconscious reasons why consumers like a certain brand, color or commercial. Finally, the AmChamps participants had the opportunity to see the application of this discipline on the motion picture, 'The Revenant'.

This lecture was followed by the workshop. ''4 Must Haves for Leaders,“ which was led by Evica Kuč from the Belgrade Business School and Ivana Mihajlović from the company Direct Media. Through discussion with the 2018 participants they talked about leadership, the factors necessary in order to be a successful leader, and all the ways to encourage motivation in their professional as well as personal life. After the introduction, the participants were divided into four groups, each receiving a case study with the guidance and the opportunity to practice and present their solutions on the subject motivation, business communication, mentoring and networking.

After working hours, surprise mingling continued at the dance school "Tango Naturale," where the participants had a chance to take their first tango steps and have fun.