Date: 13/02/2018

AmChamps 2018: Workshop Coaching&Mentoring and lecture on Digital era and team synergy

The current AmChamps program continued with a workshop on Coaching & Mentoring and a lecture on the Digital era and team synergy.

The session was opened by Ivana Injac, manager for the development of a commercial organization for South East Europe for Philip Morris International, with a workshop on Coaching & Mentoring. Ivana focused on the difference between mentoring and coaching, since most people confuse these two terms. These approaches to personal and professional development activities are carried out in large companies in order to increase the motivation and satisfaction of employees and also their effficiency. While coaching focuses on the successful execution of a task, mentoring goes beyond these boundaries. With the proper access and sharing of experience, a mentor creates an atmosphere in which the mentee can develop both potential and talents to the fullest. After learning the theory, the participants, through games, created precisely for this purpose, expanded their knowledge in this field.

After the workshop, AmChamps members heard a lecture on the digital era and team synergy from Microsoft director Željko Vujinović. Zeljko emphasized as the most important component of any successful team, a common goal and vision, and that all members of the team should be motivated by future successes and results, not material interests. Participants of the AmChamps program were extremely interested in this topic, so the talk quickly turned into a discussion. The young students and managers were most interested in how team work functions in a large corporation and the risks that must be taken in order to succeed. The lecture was concluded with the history of the digital era, in which ways technology is changing our daily habits and how to adapt to changes.