Date: 13/04/2018

Tax & Finance Committee Meeting Sets 2018-2019 Agenda

Tax & Finance Committee members discussed the proposed agenda for 2018-2019 of the elected Tax & Finance Committee Chair Slavko Carić of Erste Bank

Following priorities are :

  • Improvement of foreign exchange operations – an essential change of the regulatory framework and outdated solutions.
  • Monitoring and advocating for innovative ways of digital payments, essential and non-restrictive access to services provided by foreign electronic money and payment institutions from third countries to the business community and citizens in line with EU directives;
  • Supporting general financial inclusion of materially and socially deprived categories of citizens (right to a basic payment account regardless of place of residence or financial situation) .
  • Advocating for transparency and predictability in adoption and application of tax regulations.
  • Modification and precision of the principle "substance above form".
  • Predictability and continuity in tax audits respecting the rights of taxpayers.
  • Systematization of para fiscal charges, including the publication of a para fiscal charges register.
The meeting was an opportunity to discuss other issues that could also fall under the Committee's agenda. Some of the potential topics mentioned were the revision of tax depreciation system, invoicing by natural persons and cryptocurrencies.

To read a more detailed Tax & Finance Committee Agenda, please follow this link.