Date: 10/05/2018

NELT Seeks Reinforcement Within its ‘’Dobar start“ Inernship Program

NELT’s "Dobar start" internship program will last 8 months. During the training program, participants will have an opportunity to gain practical experience in several positions within the sales sector.

The NELT Group invited all interested students in the final years of Bachelor and/or Master studies, who meet the requirements to apply for the ‘’Dobar start“ and thus provide themselves with 8 months of practical experience through co-operation with mentors.

Working in various sales departments within the company will enable interns to understand the responsibilities, to adapt easier to each individual position and acquire a wider picture of the overall functioning of sales in a large business system.

The participants will work with mentors in assigned teams but will also cooperate with each other on organized joint training activities, presentations and informal gatherings. After completing the program, outstanding participants will be given the opportunity to apply for a full-time job with the NELT company.

More information about the "Dobar start" program can be found on the official NELT website.